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3D High: United Nations Federation Flag by GeneralYin 3D High: United Nations Federation Flag by GeneralYin
EDIT: 15/07/2012 - Stars changed from 4-pointed to 5-pointed. Torch flame redone, and globe lines realigned.

Created for use as part of a work-in-progress anime/manga universe: 3D High.

Takes place in a universe where mythical creatures are real and deadly threats to life and limb, and there are multiple dimensions populated by other sentient beings aside from humanity.

Our dimension has endured the devastating consequences of being suddenly connected to other dimensions, destabilization of the fabric of reality across the world, killing billions, and rendering large swaths of land unsafe for human habitation to this day.


Dag Hammarskjöld, 2nd Secretary-General of the United Nations was one of the most active and effective leaders in the global organization's history. In this alternative history, he does not die while in office (in a plane crash), and lives to serve multiple terms in the UN. By doing this, he sets a new precedent for all who would take up the mantle of leadership after him; the UN and its Secretary-General should be active in policing world conflicts and must serve the interests of the common people of the world, even if it must defy the nations that control it. Over many years, the UN becomes more independent from the leadership of the nations it represents, allowing it to better pursue the protection and betterment of humanity without being held back as much by national interests. It also gains the respect of the common people of the world, being seen as a champion of humanitarian aid, economic development, and surprising compassion while having the political will to not stand idly by in the face of crimes against humanity.

Several decades before the current timeline, our reality was destabilized by the partial merging and connection of our dimension with others. Many countries were engulfed by reality-warping effect, causing the deaths of billions and the socio-political collapse of dozens of countries around the world. Only the UN was able to rally the scattered survivors of the calamity to preserve human civilization and re-establish international networks of trade, travel and communication as best as they could. Under the white and blue banner, and led by the now legendary Secretary-General Hugh Everett (appointed emergency leader of humanity), our world was rebuilt and surviving nations strengthened their ties to one another, culminating in the formation of a government to lead all humanity: the United Nations Federation.

Under the new global government, humanity hopes to continue striving ever forward to rebuild our world and reclaim the territories lost to rift instability. They also hope to maintain a united front when dealing with the sentient races from other dimensions.

The current Secretary-General is Ricardo de los Santos, from the Philippines. He previously served as the Filipino Secretary of Foreign Affairs, and was later elected as the President of the Regional Assembly of South and East Asia.


United Nations Federation
Capital: Brussels, Belgium (Western Europe)
Other Political Centres: New York, USNA (North America), Cochabamba, Bolivia (South America), Warsaw, Poland (Eastern Europe), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Africa), Abu Dhabi, UAE (West Asia), Astana, Kazakstan (Central Asia), Mumbai, India (South Asia), Seoul, United Korea (East Asia), Singapore (Southeast Asia), Sydney, Australia (Oceania).
Demonym: Human
Official Language(s): English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Swahili, Malay, Hindi, Russian and Arabic (Expanded after the 2005 reforms)
Government: Supranational Federal Representative Democracy
-Secretary-General: Ricardo Emilio de los Santos (Philippines)
-Deputy Secretary-General: Sir Nathan Hargrave, GBE (United Kingdom)
-Speaker of the Global Parliament: Antonios Ioannis Venizélos (Greece)
-Chief Justice: Jayashri Yamuna (India)
-Global Level: Global Parliament
-Regional Level: Regional Assemblies
-National Level: National Legislatures
-United Nations Charter: 24 October, 1945
-Constitution of Humanity: 28 June, 2030
Population: 6 Billion (2050 Census)
GDP (Nominal): 85 Trillion
Currency: UN Dollar ($)


- 7 stars for the seven continents of the world
- Fire stands for perseverance, progress, as well as a Federal monument - The Eternal Flame (built in memory of the 2 billion lives lost to the destabilization event)
- Blue and white pay homage to the colours of the original UN Flag
- Landmasses of Earth represent the people and nations of the world
- Dove stands for hope. Its wings represent freedom. The way they embrace the world symbolises unity and security.
- Olive branches stand for peace, but their placement outside the dove's embrace shows that peace may be put aside when freedom and unity of the Federation are threatened. This means that the Federation will stand and fight if the freedom and security of its citizens are threatened by any enemy, from outside or within the Federation.
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AlternateHistorian Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015
This is amazing!!!!
NazjaRaj Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
that was nice till i see Mythical creatures on it. bleeehhh
MTT3008 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012
Wow, now that is a really nice concept.
GeneralYin Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2012
Thanks. Will probably redo this once I get my PC back from repairs. Stay tuned if you wish.
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